Our government and commercial experience ranges across domains including health, defense, government services, aerospace, and the financial sector.

When you have a project requiring complex coordination, contact the company that provides superior expertise.

Our team members have managed projects for organizations from the US Government to leading IT firms … and have led development for agencies including the intelligence community, GSA, NASA, the FDA and the Department of Defense.

When you have a project where the stakes are high … call STek and expect success.

Hire Experience, Expect Success

STek brings you the expertise that ensures your project will accomplish your objectives – both business and technical. We’ll help you evaluate options and tradeoffs, maximizing opportunities and minimizing risk.

You’ll find a summary of our services below. For more details, please contact us.

Project Management

You’ll benefit from our PMI certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) and their experience leading projects for clients ranging from startups to the Department of Defense: formal processes, planning that pre-empts problems, precise scheduling of resources and prompt resolution of issues. Our experts offer a friendly, professional partnership that ensures smooth communication with stakeholders and an excellent rapport with team members.

Enterprise, System and Software Architecture

From needs analysis through finished plan, STek can design an upgradable, scalable, high-performance system that fits your individual requirements. We know how to translate complex requirements to a system that works in demanding, real-world conditions. Regardless of the size of your project, we’ll ensure an architecture that’s robust, yet adaptable – customized for today’s needs and upgradable for tomorrow’s requirements

Software Engineering

STek offers advanced engineering expertise throughout the software development lifecycle. We’ll analyze your requirements and develop a plan that provides the most direct “road map” to achieve the goal, along with management and technical expertise that keeps development on course. Our open-standards approach ensures smooth integration and upgrades; we’ll use or adapt off-the-shelf software whenever possible to ensure cost-effective development and ease of maintenance.

Web Development

With web development expertise at the director level, STek has the capabilities to ensure rapid, yet thorough project development for projects of any size. Whether you need program management or a full development team, we’ll ensure your project is on schedule and on target. Our team keeps up-to-date with the latest development software, with custom tools, state-of-the-art techniques and experience in database development.

Management Consulting

If you need a project leader who understands strategic planning at the enterprise and project levels … has senior experience in software engineering … and offers expertise in managing software professionals … call STek. We work well with client teams, developing detailed projects, keeping them on schedule and resolving technical issues—and helping team members develop their skills along the way. Our specialists enjoy troubleshooting; if your current project is off track, let us help you analyze the situation and ensure a successful resolution.