About Us

Finally, there’s a small business that brings you big capabilities. STek offers you fast access to top-level IT leadership and technical support—for both government and commercial projects. One call provides you with project managers, technical leaders, consultants and programmers … professionals who have varied skills, yet share a passion for effective problem-solving and measurable results.

Strategic Leaders, Seasoned Support

STek was founded by Richard Stec and Susan Stec, leaders with a track record of smart planning, efficient management and effective execution—and experience heading major programs for industries from aerospace to financial services. Seeing that IT directors appreciate their flexible, knowledgeable approach, they decided to combine their skills … providing STek with a foundation that’s both solid and versatile.

STek gives clients a one-contact source for a variety of services. Whether you need a project manager or technical lead for a major initiative … a consultant who enjoys the tough problems … or seasoned programmers for projects in progress … STek is the choice that will give you confidence.

Expertise When You Need It

STek simplifies senior-level staffing; now you can scale management and programming personnel as your needs change. You’ll enjoy having on-call expertise in a range of areas. With every service, the company combines enterprise-level capabilities with small-business flexibility … emphasizing strategic simplicity, timeliness and cost-effectiveness.

Is there a challenge on your horizon? Meet it head-on by making
that first contact. You’re about to discover the benefits of flexible outsourcing. Let STek lower the pressure … by increasing results.

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